Three Monk Seal Pups Were Named By Keiki From Hau’ula Immersion School

Three Monk Seal Pups Were Named By Keiki From Hau'ula Immersion School

Keiki from the Hau’ula Immersion school called three Hawaiian monk seals born alongside Northern O’ahu: Kuokala, Hinakokea, and Keolakai.

Kumu Leialoha with the Hau’ula immersion school, described a few of the project.

“The students researched and mentioned many various features about every animal including the place and time the animals had been born; their ‘ano, or character as described in the observations and the mana or spiritual energy it is hoped they embody. We took apart names in numerous ways and sought out names that had positive kaona (double or multiple meanings) as this can be a Hawaiian custom to offer a name that has multiple meaning and to assure the double meaning will not be something with an unfavorable connotation,” Kumu Leialoha stated.

Names are still being given for the seal pups born in Southeast O’ahu, and Anuenue immersion school shall be gifting those names.

Hina refers to the grey/silver color of our Hawaiian monk seals. Hina is also the goddess of the moon representing feminine powers of energy and conviction, and the mom to many deities (including Maui) and mom to the island of Moloka’i. She additionally takes forms in the ocean as a goddess of fishermen and the goddess that births all the reefs.

Kokea refers to the white sugar cane, notably Hawaii’s finest known and most used canes, particularly in drugs. However broken down even further, additional meanings include: Ko can mean wind-borne, to satisfy, cross, succeed, win, accomplish, become pregnant.