Athens Was Shaken By A Powerful Earthquake

Athens Was Shaken By A Powerful Earthquake

A strong earthquake has been seemed in the Greek capital of Athens, inflicting folks to run out into the streets.

The tremor measured 5.1 on the Richter scale, in accordance with the Athens Institute of Geodynamics; however, the US Geological Survey gave it a preliminary magnitude of 5.3.

The quake was “sturdy however fortunately not very long,” based on one witness quoted by the European Earthquake Monitoring Centre.

There was no rapid word on injuries or damage.

Witnesses stated folks had been gathering on the streets, after the quake, which was caught live in the studios of state broadcaster ERT. The earthquake sparked restricted-energy cuts across the city, and the fire brigade reported receiving calls about folks being trapped in lifts.

The epicenter was 14 miles northwest of the town, based on European Earthquake Monitoring Centre.

Seismologist Manolis Skordilis informed Greece’s Star TV that: “The earthquake was near the surface, which is why it was felt so much.”

Venetia Rainey, a journalist, based in Athens, stated she initially thought the tremor was construction.

“I noticed the flat vibrating barely but thought it was simply the exterior of the constructing work,” she stated.

“Then after 10 seconds, the entire constructing moved and the walls shook back and forth for about 10 seconds again.

“I ran to the balcony to see and noticed numerous individuals on the street on their phones, an automobile alarm was going off.”