A Woman Who Got Rashes Turned Out To Be Cancer

A Woman Who Got Rashes Turned Out To Be Cancer

When 20-year-old Olivia Nikolic observed a rash forming on her hip, she assumed it was about of eczema. However, when the rash spread — and did so quickly — to different areas of her leg, she would learn it was an indication of one thing far more severe: cancer, or stage 4 lymphoma, particularly.

“I used to be nothing however in disbelief that I had cancer,” Nikolic told of her analysis, which she received on Valentine’s Day this year.

The young lady additionally experienced different symptoms that she would later study had been symptoms of lymphoma, such as near-constant fatigue and a dry cough she wrote off as “only a cold.” However, weeks later, Nikolic sought medical attention when she “developed an intense shooting ache from her heart to her shoulder,” reviews.

“It was such intense pain. It was so dangerous I’d cry. I couldn’t breathe,” she mentioned, including it was her fiancé who recommended her to go to the hospital.

“I’m so fortunate he did, as I used to be informed if I had left it for 2 more weeks, I wouldn’t have made it,” she continued.

After removing X-rays, Nikolic’s doctors discovered a tumor and told her she had stage four lymphoma. It’s unclear where in her body the tumor was discovered.

Lymphoma, per the Mayo Clinic, is a cancer of the lymphatic system or the body’s germ-fighting network.

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