After The Reveal Of PS5, The Sales Of PS4 Has Reduced

After The Reveal Of PS5, The Sales Of PS4 Has Reduced

Sony introduced this week that PlayStation 4 shipments have climbed to a staggering 100 million units life-to-date. However, it wasn’t all good news. The 3.2 million PS4 systems that Sony shipped within the April-June quarter was “slightly below” the company’s internal expectations.

Sony mentioned it was “primarily” because of the firm’s announcement of its next-generation console, the PlayStation 5.

Sony has yet to announce its next-generation console formally. However, PlayStation architect Mark Cerny started talking about the console and some of its specs earlier this year. After that, Sony demonstrated the console’s much-faster loading times throughout an enterprise meeting.

It is a historic development in the video games business that console sales of an older system drop off to a degree when a new console is revealed. The thinking is that folks hold off on buying a console once they know a more modern one is coming. That appears to be what’s happening with here with PS4 sales.

On account of the lower-than-expected PS4 sales, Sony mentioned it has “revised downward” its forecast of PS4 sales through the present fiscal year ending March 2020. The corporate is chopping its projections by 1 million units, from 16 million to 15 million.

15 million continues to be a large cargo number for a console so late into its lifecycle. Sony stated this ongoing success “demonstrates that the PS4 platform remains to be garnering support from many customers.”

Sony can be projecting a downturn for game sales throughout the present fiscal year.