The More Details Of Pixel 4 Has Been Released By Google

The More Details Of Pixel 4 Has Been Released By Google

After deliberately leaking pictures of its own device last month, Google preannounced some of the options coming to its Pixel 4 smartphone that is set to release this fall.

In a blog post and YouTube video posted on Monday, the search giant revealed that the fourth-generation smartphone might have two new options: Face Unlock, which is a take on Apple’s Face ID, and Motion Sense, which helps you to control the cellphone using air gestures.

Google’s facial recognition comes nearly two years since Apple first launched the technology, which iOS clients use to unlock Apple gadgets and authenticate contactless payments utilizing Apple Pay.

Google is following Apple’s example, revealing that Pixel 4 may even use the face unlock tool for mobile payments. “Face unlock works in nearly any orientation – even when you’re holding it upside down – and you need to use it for secure payments and app authentication, too,” Google stated in a blog post.

Rumors had been circulating about the Face ID rival since Google first tweeted a rendering of the back of the upcoming cellphone in June. The photograph revealed that the fingerprint scanner had been removed from the back of the device.

The new Motion Sense function is made easy by Google’s work on Project Soli, a motion-sensing radar.

Motion Sense will work in tandem with Face Unlock, Google says. So, probably, the phone’s radar sensors will pick up when you’re reaching for your device to unlock it.