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Mages Shows Vast Magnetic Ropes in A Galaxy’s Halo

Mages Shows Vast Magnetic Ropes in A Galaxy's Halo

“Whale Galaxy” Image (NGC 4631), made with the National Science Foundation’s Karl G. Jansky Very Large Array (VLA), reveals hair-like filaments of the galaxy’s magnetic area protruding above and beneath the galaxy’s disk. The spiral galaxy is seen edge-on, with its disk of stars proven in pink. The filaments, proven in green and blue, lengthen past the disk into the galaxy’s prolonged halo. Green signifies filaments with their magnetic area pointing roughly towards us and blues with the field pointing away.

This phenomenon, with the field alternating in direction, has by no means earlier than been seen within the halo of a galaxy.

A global workforce of astronomers who’re a part of a venture referred to as the Continuum HAlos in Nearby Galaxies—an EVLA Survey (CHANG-ES), led by Judith Irwin of Queen’s University in Ontario, stated the image signifies a large-scale, coherent magnetic area that’s generated by dynamo motion inside the galaxy and spirals far outward within the type of large magnetic ropes perpendicular to the disk.

The image was made by combining information from a number of observations with the VLA’s giant dish antennas organized in numerous configurations to point out each giant structure and finer particulars inside the galaxy. The naturally-emitted radio waves from the galaxy had been analyzed to disclose the magnetic fields, together with their instructions.

The scientists stated the methods used to find out the route of the magnetic field lines, illustrated by this image, now can be utilized on this and different galaxies to reply necessary questions on whether or not coherent magnetic fields are common in galactic halos and what their shapes are.

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