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Climate Change ‘Tipping Points’ Being Too Close for Comfort

The atmosphere is loading with five million tonnes of CO2 each hour has pushed Earth dangerously near a no-return threshold, past which lies an unlivable hothouse world, top climate scientists have warned.

There are 15 recognized tipping points within the planet’s complex climate system, and nine of them—together with permafrost, the Amazon rainforest, the Greenland ice sheet, Arctic sea ice, and the Atlantic Ocean’s circulation—are alarmingly “on the transfer,” they reported within the journal Nature.

The moment that the Earth system turns over from being self-cooling -– which it nonetheless is –- to self-warming, that’s the second after we lose management.

In 2001, the edge was seen to be around 5C or 6C of warming. As we speak, the IPCC estimate is between 2C and 3C.  Arctic sea ice, Coral reefs, and the West Antarctic ice sheet have both crossed the tipping level already or are very close. You could possibly name them the primary planetary victims of Anthropogenic climate change.

There’s a connection, for instance, between the Arctic and Antarctica by way of the ocean circulation system within the Atlantic. The slowdown within the so-referred to as Atlantic overturning results in extra heat floor water within the Southern Ocean, which in turn results in sooner melting of the West Antarctic ice sheet.

Changes within the Arctic and Greenland, in the meantime, may assist in clarifying the extra intense droughts within the Amazon basin, which lead to extra forest fires and pulses of CO2 into the environment.

About 17 % of the Amazon has been lost since 1970. Estimates of the place an Amazon tipping point may lie vary from 40 % to only 20 % of the forest-cover loss. Discovering the tipping point would require models that include the interaction of deforestation and climate change.